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About the Cather Archive


The Willa Cather Archive is an ambitious endeavor to create a rich, useful, and widely-accessible site for the study of Willa Cather's life and writings. To that end, we are providing digital editions of Cather texts and scholarship free to the public as well as creating a large amount of unique, born-digital scholarly content. The Archive is a product of a partnership between the Archives and Special Collections, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Center for Digital Research in the Humanities, The University of Nebraska Press, and the Cather Project at the University of Nebraska.

The project originated in 1997, and over the years has digitized and published hundreds of thousands of words of Cather-authored texts and Cather scholarship. It now includes, in a fully-searchable format, digital transcriptions of eight Cather books (copyright law forbids digitally republishing her post-1922 works); all of her short fiction pre-1912, many of which are presented in their original periodical publications; her interviews, speeches, and public letters; her uncollected periodical nonfiction from the 1910s; the first five volumes of Cather Studies; the back issues of Teaching Cather; a large, searchable gallery of photographs; multiple biographies; announcements and news from the Cather scholarly community, virtual tours of Cather-related locales, and much more. Recent additions include A Calendar of the Letters of Willa Cather: An Expanded, Digital Edition; text analysis of Cather's complete fiction, powered by TokenX; and "Mapping a Writer's World: A Geographic Chronology of the Life of Willa Cather."

The Archive is a foundational endeavor of the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities, a joint project of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries and the College of Arts & Sciences to focus, provide support, and deepen the quality of the growing array of digital humanities scholarship on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln campus.

The following writings provide additional details about the plans, foundational philosophy, and ambitions of the Cather Archive:

Jewell, Andrew. "The Willa Cather Archive," Literature Compass Blog, March 31, 2008.

Jewell, Andrew. "The Professor's Mouse: Cather Scholarship in the Digital Age," presented at the 2005 International Willa Cather Seminar, Lincoln, Nebraska.

If you have any questions or comments about the Cather Archive, please contact Andrew Jewell at: Andrew Jewell
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