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To Charles F. CatherDecember 1923? [but with a newspaper clipping from the Sydney Mail, Sydney, Australia, stamped July 11, 1923] ; UNL 

How did her face get to Australia? Merry Christmas.   Willie   [Stout #712]

To Elsie CatherDecember 20, 1939UNL-Rosowski Cather 

How nice it must be that Helen Louise is in Lincoln.  As Josephine used to remark when the Menuhin children were coming to the apartment, children are pleasant to have around.  Has heard about Carrie's golden wedding anniversary, especially from Annie Pavelka, who enumerated the cakes, flowers, and guests. Good of the Miners to invite people from the neighboring farms.  Wishes she could have attended.  Hopes Elsie and Helen Louise will plan something fun for Christmas.  Yehudi and his wife gave her happiness on her birthday by bringing their baby, nearly three months old, to visit.  Likes Nola; Scotch but born in Australia.  Admires the honest, forthright Scotch.  Yehudi has been flattered so much that he needs someone who is plainspoken.  She and Edith will think about Elsie on Christmas Eve, and she will remember her last Christmas in Red Cloud. P.S.  Enclosing letter to Helen Louise for forwarding.  Willie