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To Elsie CatherSeptember 5, [1934?]UNL-Rosowski Cather 

Appreciates wonderful, reassuring letter, which answered her questions about Dr. Creighton and Bess.  Feels overwhelmed by good news of Bess.  Will Elsie please take a good stock of food out there from Mrs. Burden's store so that Mrs. Kourtner can cook.  Buy them new bedding or furniture if they need it.  Is enclosing a check for forty dollars to assist with property taxes. Hopes Elsie will give Kitty work; will help her and Elsie both.  Is as pleased as the Bishop that Elsie saved the trees at the church. Bishop is an impressive man.  If West Virginia is to be at the University of Chicago, why doesn't Elsie go there for Christmas and enjoy some shows and music?  She herself always stays at the La Salle hotel. Is amazed that though she is so busy Elsie had the house painted, but a good time to do it with labor and materials cheap.  Nebraska climate always hard, but Michigan, Wisconsin, and even England are very hot and dry now.  Grand Manan seems to be the only cool place left.  Wishes she could bring Red Cloud in its entirety there for a week.  Friend of J. M. Barrie wrote to ask that she inscribe a book to Barrie, since he often reads Death Comes for the Archbishop and My Antonia.  Hard to know how to write such an inscription; he would not be pleased by anything reeking of flattery.  Would rather write a book than this, but has to do it.  Elsie should take it easy and rest after the heat of the summer.   Willie