Links to Other Online Cather Resources

National Willa Cather Center The Willa Cather Foundation invites you to experience the life, times, and work of Willa Cather. Here, you can tour her home, read her work, visit her beloved Opera House, and shop the largest collection of books by and about Willa Cather.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Archives and Special Collections This is the site that describes the rich collections of Cather material held at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, including the Roscoe and Meta Cather Collection, the Philip L. and Helen Cather Southwick Collection, the George Cather Ray Collection, the Robert and Doris Kurth Cather Collection, the Susan J. Rosowski Papers, and the James Woodress Papers, among others.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of English The UNL English Department, a major supporter of the Cather Project, is an international leader in Cather studies.

Center for Digital Research in the Humanities at UNL The Cather Archive is a foundational endeavor of the Center, which advances interdisciplinary research in the humanities by creating unique digital content, developing tools to assist scholars in text analysis and visualization, and encouraging the use (and refinement) of international standards for humanities computing. At this site you can read more about the Center's other projects, faculty, and staff.

University of Nebraska Press Here you can order volumes of the Cather Scholarly Edition, as well as other books by and about Cather.

Western Literature Association Self-described as "a lively and unconventional group of scholars from across the nation and overseas" dedicated the study of the literature of the American West, this group has long supported Cather research. Its annual conference every October regularly features panels on the life and work of Cather.

Nebraska State Historical Society The Nebraska State Historical Society operates the Willa Cather State Historic Site. Its museums and archives hold a large amount of information on Cather and late nineteenth-century Nebraska history.

Willa Cather North by Northeast This set of 16 self-guided tours features locations important to Willa Cather north of New York City and east of Ohio. Each tour can be viewed on-line or printed, and most contain a description of the points of interest, local restaurants, and lodging.