5 Bank Street: The Listserv for Willa Cather Scholars

In an effort to continue building the community of Cather scholars and students, the Cather Archive is sponsoring a new email listserv dedicated to scholarship about the life, work, and contexts of Willa Cather. We have decided to call this listserv "5 Bank Street" (or, in the convention of listservs, 5BANKSTREET) after the home Cather and Edith Lewis shared in Greenwich Village between 1912 and 1927, a place where Cather gathered friends and fellow artists for "Friday teas."

This listserv is designed to be a place where people engaged in Cather research can ask questions, try out ideas, challenge perspectives, share news, and provide communal support for one another. The list is moderated to prevent inappropriate messages from being sent to the entire list of subscribers. Though editorial policy will err on the site of permissiveness, solicitations and general requests for help on impending class assignments will not be posted to the list.

Archive, Subscribing, and Settings
Tools for subscribing, unsubscribing, and changing your settings, as well as a searchable online archive of the conversation on 5 Bank Street since February 2007, is available here.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to the list this way: Send an e-mail message to:

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If you encounter any problems subscribing to the list, please email Andrew Jewell at for assistance.

You can learn more about the list here.