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To Mr. RuggAug. 10, [1922], from Grand MananDartmouth 

Sorry to be so slow to reply, but mail has been displaced since returning from Bread Loaf. Sent his copy of Youth and the Bright Medusa before she left Vermont, though. No, seldom gives lectures.   Willa Cather   [Stout #613]

To Miss Chapin,  n.d. [prob. Aug. 1924] , from Grand MananUVa 

Does not review books. Please congratulate Dr. Leach on the revived Forum. Glad he could get the fine story by Miss Sedgwick.   Willa Cather   [Stout #740]

To Mr. [Malcolm] WyerAug. 29, [prob. 1925], from Red Cloud, Nebr.BYU 

Is pleased to have the book by Father Saljointi [?] and appreciates his bothering to send it. He and the staff at the Denver Library were most kind.   Willa Cather   [Stout #793]

To Mr. [Malcolm] WyerSept. 6, [1925], from Red Cloud, Nebr.BYU 

Appreciates the book he and Mr. Howlett sent. Hopes to see him at the Denver Library again next summer. Leaves for New York tomorrow.   Willa Cather   [Stout #794]

To Mr. WyerFeb. 15, 1926BYU 

Appreciates receiving the bibliography about cliff dwellers done by Miss Gerber and has enjoyed seeing her in New York.   Willa Cather   [Stout #821]

To Blanche KnopfSept. 21, [1929], from Jaffrey, N.H.HRC 

Arrived last night. Will probably be back before Blanche sails. Please say no to enclosed inquiry about reprinting her work. Does not like illustrated Archbishop, but since it has been done please urge Mr. Stimson [in production department at Knopf] to get it out in time for Christmas trade.   W. S. C.   [Stout #980]

To Harold Goddard RuggNov. 10, 1934Dartmouth  copy at UNL

Not true that the biography of Mary Baker Eddy is an "unknown Cather." Only did some editing on it.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1239]

To Miss McNallyJan. 4, [?], from Red CloudBYU 

Likes the review of her book, largely because it is well written.   Willa Cather.   [Stout #1812]

To Bobbie [nickname for Elsie Cather]December 30, [1916]UNL-Southwick 

It was a good idea to make it to Chicago and have the party after all. Such excursions can be helpful. Jack did not come for Christmas, and she and Edith had a quiet day, nursing Edith's sick eye. Had dinner with Isabelle and Jan Hambourg Christmas Eve, and invited Joe Charter [?], a widower, and Sanborn, the New York Globe music critic, for dinner on Christmas night. Ended the night early, owing to Edith's eye. Had a wonderful Friday tea yesterday with about 30 people, including Alfred McClung and many friends from Pittsburgh in town for Christmas. Afterwards bolted to the Biltmore hotel to have dinner with Bostonian friends. Feels tired today, but still went to a concert with the Hambourgs. Had lunch on Wednesday with the pianist Harold Bauer, Mrs. Bauer, and the violinist Kreisler. Isabelle is wonderful at entertaining creative and famous people. Received two gorgeous Russian candelabras from Jan and Isabelle for Christmas, which cast a beautiful glow at tea on the new tea table. Best new things, though, are three terrific paintings of the Mediterranean and Ionian sea by Edith's friend Earl Brewster. The paintings are beautiful so large that framing them is going to be expensive. Brewster's paintings are typically selling for $200 to $500, and these are quite good. He said he they are not a gift but a long term loan. Has published a rather weak story in Harper's Monthly [ "A Gold Slipper" ], but got $450 for it, and is glad for the money: expenses are quite a bit higher than last year. Engough apples for a pie cost 25 cents, beef is 36 cents a pound, and chicken costs 42 cents a pound—$2.10 for a five pound chicken! Probably won't starve on Bank street, though.   Willie 

To Henry Goddard LeachMay 25, 1932Drew U (Adams 162) 

Received letters and thanks him for his sensitivity. The review [Granville Hicks, "Bright Incidents," Forum, September 1931, vi-vii] she discussed in the letter [see #1842] is the only one that ever hurt her personally. Thought the Forum was a friend even though business perspectives seem to overtake everything. Review will not inspire controversy, though, for a writer must not become defensive in print about her work. Has gotten over the whole thing. The two of them should get together to toast Mr. Hicks, or whatever his name is.   Willa Cather