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To Dorothy Canfield Fisher,  Monday [May 8, 1922?] UVt 

Yes, the story Dorothy sent about the university roughneck has the same idea as her book. Maybe future readers will think it is more true than Three Soldiers [Dos Passos] . Knopf hopes to see Dorothy in June. Glad Claude can help her understand how she was feeling in that long-past time. Will finish page proofs soon, but doesn't know if she can ever leave this book behind her.   Willa   [Stout #595]

To Mr. JohnsNov. 17, 1922, from New YorkUVa 

Appreciates his wonderful letter. No one else has recognized the Parsifal parallels in One of Ours. Considered using "The Blameless Fool, by Pity Enlightened" on the title page, but finally decided on the line from Vachel Lindsay. He saw it in spite of her reticence. Hopes to see him and Mrs. Johns on a Friday after the first of the year.   Willa Cather   [Stout #644]

To E. H. AndersonNov. 24, 1922NYPL 

Hurrying to leave for Nebraska but will answer briefly. Georgine Milmine, now Mrs. Benjamin Wells, of Aubrey, N.Y., gathered material on Mrs. Eddy. McClure bought the material, subsequently lost (along with a first edition of Science and Health) when the magazine was sold. Milmine couldn't do the writing, and after sampling short segments of it done by several other people he chose her [Cather]. This was shortly after she came to New York. Carefully checked the material and believes it is all accurate except the first chapter, written by Burton Hendrick, now with Doubleday. His resentment at being removed from the project may be part of the reason Doubleday does not bring it back into print. Please keep confidential.   Willa Cather   [Stout #649]

To Sister [Jessica Cather Auld?],  Saturday [Dec. 1923?] TWU 

Saw Dr. Fordyce, the skin specialist, yesterday, and he diagnosed problem as ringworm; said she must have been in contact with an animal that had it. Cut ten pieces of skin away and sent to a laboratory, and they found ringworm fungus in every piece. First noticed the blisters about two months ago when she was in France. Dog there had seemed to have mange but had recovered several weeks before she noticed the places. Doctor said it takes six weeks to two months to incubate. Has had x-ray treatments and will probably have three more; using iodine and a zinc lotion. Was able to go to the theatre last night wearing long sleeves and gloves. Colored maid is working out well; cooks lunch, does all the cleaning and washing, and manages well with all the shopping and errands; is happy to do that for $20 a week. Happy holidays to everyone. [unsigned; possibly a last page missing]   [Stout #708]

To Ferris Greenslet,  n.d. [May 1926] Harvard 

Please make a correction on p. 156 in the new edition, to make the phrase about the ripening of the corn more botanically correct. P.S.: Be sure to retain the dedication page.  W. S. C.   [Stout #829]

To Ferris GreensletDec. 4, 1930, from Grosvenor Hotel, New YorkHarvard 

Why have the Benda drawings been dropped from My Ántonia? At least they could drop the line on the title page referring to the drawings, if they're going to do that. Would like them to be restored and once she can get her possessions out of storage, can provide the originals if the plates are too worn.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1028]

To Zoë Akins,  n.d. [c. Apr. 21, 1931] Huntington 

Mrs. McEnerny [a cousin of Zoë's] has found some errors in the novel with respect to Catholic observances. Will correct them even though it is in page proofs.   Willa   [Stout #1048]

To Dorothy Canfield FisherMay 1, [1931], from Pasadena, Calif.UVt 

Mother was worse when she arrived, but somewhat better now. Speech completely gone. Brother Douglass still very devoted. Has finished page proofs of Shadows on the Rock. Working on it held her [Cather] together for five years. Will go away to Canada for hot part of summer.   Willa   [Stout #1050]

To Irene Miner Weisz,  n.d. [Oct. 27, 1932] Newberry 

While in Red Cloud, please verify that the mortgage is registered in her name. [With a slip of paper bearing legal description in Cather's hand, with date, book, and page of recording in Irene's hand.]   [Stout #1128]

To Thomas MasarykDec. 1, 1923 [error for 1936?] ; Berkeley 

Is sending him a book of essays including one he may especially enjoy about Boston before World War I, "148 Charles Street," which begins on page 52. Thinks of the years before 1914 as a pleasant time in Europe and America when one could travel without passport to so many wonderful places that it was hard to choose. Always remembers his good words to her.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1334]

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