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To Irene Miner Weisz,  n.d. [c. Nov. 20, 1928?] Newberry 

On the 29th, will be remembering their trip to Red Cloud for her parents' anniversary and what a happy time it was.   Willie   [Stout #952]

To Irene Miner Weisz,  n.d. [Mar. 12, 1931] , from train crossing KansasNewberry 

Dreamed last night they were traveling together to Red Cloud for her parents' 50th anniversary. Hadn't been a considerate daughter, so didn't deserve the happiness that trip gave her. Irene the only friend who is an active part of both her Red Cloud life and her life since then. Probably why she tells her so much about the Menuhins, so she will go on being a part of it. Hopes to go to Red Cloud for a long visit some time, and hopes she will come.   Willie   [Stout #1044]

To Blanche KnopfMay 2, [1931], from Pasadena, Calif.HRC 

Please send Jenny by Sigrid Undset.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1051]

To Carrie Miner Sherwood,  n.d. [prob. late Apr. 1932; ref. to letter from Borneo is to a letter from George W. Bullock, a District Officer in British North Borneo, dated Jan. 6, 1932] WCPM 

Finds she failed to send check for maintenance on the house and yard. Enclosing a letter from Alfred Knopf about Sigrid Undset, whose books she probably knows; also letter from someone in Borneo. Please return them. Sorry to hear she has had shingles. Appreciates all her kind deeds, seeing that the yard is kept up and so forth. Hopes Helen Mac's delivery will be easy. P.S.: Take a few dollars out of the check for flowers on parents' graves, please.  Willie   [Stout #1105]

To Nell and HelenNov. 24, [1939]WCPM 

Sorry to hear of Bernard's death [Nell's husband and Helen's father]. He was so helpful to her parents. Knows from experience that they will never stop missing him.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1461]

To Bishop George Allen BeecherSept. 28, 1940HSNeb 

Appreciated his letter about dedicating the altar rail at Grace Church, a place she loves as she loves few others. Remembers the evening of her and parents' confirmation, which meant so much to them all. Glad to hear Molly Ferris was able to be there for the dedication. Hopes to visit Red Cloud this winter and talk with him about the things that have kept her away.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1493]

To Lizzie [Huffmann?]June 14, 1945WCPM 

Writes many letters to soldiers as a result of the Armed Forces Editions, but has meant to write to her for some time. Wonders if her son Richard is in the Army. Hasn't been very strong since the gall bladder operation. Often thinks how kind she was to her [Cather's] parents.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1711]

To Elsie Cather [1923?] fragment, starts on page three; UNL-Rosowski Cather 

. . . Can borrow money but doesn't want to.� Hopes Elsie will watch over things and get father to buy what is needed.� Doesn't want parents to deprive themselves in order to send her money—though he did give a lot to Jack and Jim.� Has warm affection for home, despite occasional irritation.� Will Elsie please show Margie snapshots of Isabelle's French home.� Will visit there soon.� [Cather sailed for France April 1, 1923.]� Margie kept asking to see them—so once again the family will cater to her whims.� The tower shown in the picture is for doves and rabbits.   Willa 

To Elsie CatherNovember 5, [1934?]UNL-Rosowski Cather 

When Elsie is tired, she should not try to write a long letter but just a note saying she is busy. Should stop teaching if she has a fever every day and instead have a quiet life at home. Doesn't know why Elsie finds their parents' peaceful house scary. Should at least visit a doctor. A prescription medicine for nerves is enclosed. Finds it very helpful herself and always has it on hand. A renowned doctor—the doctor of J. P. Morgan—prescribed it. He was the only one who could diagnose Edith's thyroid trouble. Please try the tonic. Sent Molly twenty-five dollars for Thanksgiving and sent Lizzie [?] ten dollars. Was happy to help as Lizzie was kind to mother. P.S. Will return to New York in four days.  Willie 

To Elsie CatherJune 21, 1938 with program for Douglass Cather's memorial service ; UNL-Rosowski Cather 

Is nearly without words. When Edith said there was awful news, Douglass was the last member of the family she thought of. His death does not, like parents, feel normal. Cannot get accustomed to such a reality. He was so vivacious—how can it be? Is glad death came quickly so he did not have to fear it. Was hoping Elsie would not try to go to the service in California. Appreciated Roscoe informing her about the time of the service, two o'clock, which made it six o'clock New York time [actually five]. Was unable to find an open Episcopal church, so went to the Church of the Dominican Fathers nearby [Church of St. Vincent Ferrer]. Catholics understand that heartache happens night as well as day and provide a solemn place for it. Please don't write about the service or the family, as it would be too hard for both of them. No need to make the pain fresh again, though the pain will always be there. This is the most dispiriting thing she has ever experienced. 

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