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To Dorothy Canfield Fisher,  Friday [Apr. 9, 1921] UVt 

Believes they can be friends again. Regrets being so stubborn about a bad story. Dorothy's letters about her books have meant a great deal. Looks forward to sharing their lives again. Willa. P.S.: Leaving tonight for Toronto. [Stout #537]

To Sinclair LewisApr. 14, [1921], from TorontoBeinecke 

Thanks for the kind things he said about her in his Omaha lecture. He is the kind of person whose respect matters.   Willa Cather   [Stout #539]

To R. L. ScaifeApr. 14, [1921], from TorontoHarvard 

Understands Sinclair Lewis is saying the kinds of things that may increase sales. Are her books available in the cities where he is lecturing?   Willa Cather   [Stout #540]

To Paul ReynoldsApr. 27, [1921], from TorontoColumbia 

Novel still not finished. Knopf may already have promised another magazine first look at the galleys. Which one is Reynolds talking to?   Willa Cather   [Stout #541]

To Ferris GreensletApr. 27, [1921], from TorontoHarvard 

Sorry he hurt his shoulder. Her sprained ankle still bandaged. Please give Mr. Llona additional time on the translation. Some of what he has done seems worthwhile. Sinclair Lewis and Floyd Dell have been saying nice things about her. Sorry she couldn't go hear Lewis when he was in Toronto.   W. S. C.   [Stout #542]

To Laura Hills,  May Day [1921] , from 38 St. Vincent Street, TorontoPM 

Enjoyed her letter; opened it when she and Isabelle were having tea and has tacked it up in her studio up under the eaves. Is working on a translation of Ántonia into French that will be published in La Nouvelle revue française. Feels proud of that. P.S.: Has met a woman from Boston whose cousin is married to Ms. Hills's cousin—a very nice person.  Willa S. C.   [Stout #543]

To Mrs. Charlotte StanfieldJune 12, [1921], from TorontoUVa 

Sorry to have left town without seeing her and Mrs. [Franz?] Boas. Sinclair Lewis said such nice things in his Toronto lecture that she had to beg people to leave her alone so she could work. Health is better than when she left. Novel progressing. Sending a snapshot taken when she was in the Mediterranean.   Willa Cather   [Stout #544]

To Ferris GreensletJune 17, 1921, from TorontoHarvard 

Edwin Winter writes that he can't find a copy of My Ántonia. Where has he sold second serial rights to O Pioneers!?   Willa Cather   [Stout #545]

To Mr. Partington and Mrs. Partington [?]June 23, [1921?] from TorontoNewberry 

Doesn't believe the story [possibly "Coming, Eden Bower!" Smart Set August 1920] reflects anything in Ethelbert Nevin's life, though it's true, she knew him briefly and was impressed by him.   Willa Cather   [Stout #546]

To Elizabeth Shepley SergeantJuly 6, [1921], from TorontoUVa 

How nice, that she is in New Mexico! Having to work on botanical details of a French translation of My Ántonia, not a very good one. Probably won't go to Nebraska until September; instead, going to Grand Manan for August. Did she know about Greenslet's broken shoulder? Now that the demand for Ántonia is increasing, Houghton Mifflin is out of stock because of a printers' strike. What impossible people!   W. S. C.   [Stout #547]

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