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To Mary Virginia Cather [December 15, 1928?] , from the Grosvenor Hotel, New York CityUNL-Southwick 

Guess what? Has been putting together a Christmas box for her, including a gift for Mrs. Bates. Is not typing this, for the racket would bother Edith Lewis, who is in bed after dislocating her knee. Has heard that Isabelle fell and broke her shoulder—Jan says she is in great pain. It is hard to concentrate on work when all her friends are hurting. Mary Virginia is doing well, however. Sent her some roast beef, vegetables, and mushrooms, as she is having a dinner party. Went to Columbia University President Butler's dinner party last week and met many notable people, including the Governor of Virginia [Harry Flood Byrd?] and his wife. Also spent a day at Knopfs' country house. Hopes she waits to open her gifts at Christmas. Please ask Douglass to write.   Willie 

To Elsie CatherJuly 1, [1938]UNL-Southwick 

Consider that she is living and Douglass is dead! Deeply appreciated the letter Elsie sent about the services. Will keep it in the same envelope she keeps the letters from the boys, who have been very nice to write her. Hopes to leave for Grand Manan soon. Would feel better if she could work two hours each day, but is struggling. Sends love to boys and Meta. Give little Margaret a kiss, and please try to visit mother's nurse, Mrs. Bates. She liked Douglass.   W. 

To Roscoe CatherJuly 4 [1917], from Red Cloud, NebraskaUNL-Roscoe 

Won't be able to come to Lander after all, as Edith's vacation has been reduced due to the war. Jack arrived Saturday, to their surprise. He looks good and hopes to be there for three weeks. It was unusual to see Jack, the bishop, and Mr. Bates together. Roscoe and Meta would enjoy seeing Jack so pleasant and hopeful. Jack is working with Elsie on the parade. [Note in top margin:] Is mailing the brief note so Roscoe won't find a house for them.  Willa. 

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