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To Ferris GreensletOct. 7, [1919], from Jaffrey, N.H.Harvard 

Please try to get something quotable about her books from Hugh Walpole. Knopf would do this if he were publishing her next book. Leaving Friday [Oct. 10].   Willa S. C.   [Stout #476]

To Ferris GreensletDec. 28, 1919, from New YorkHarvard 

Hopes he will be in New York before January 7. Please change the mustard-color binding of O Pioneers!. If the company doesn't want to bother with the book, how much would they want for the rights to it? Has agreed to let Knopf bring out a new edition of The Troll Garden in early spring. Will make sure it isn't at the same time as "Claude." P.S.: The Bookman ad was the only time they were willing to make bold claims for the quality of her books.  Willa Cather   [Stout #489]

To Ferris GreensletFeb. 5, [1920], from New YorkHarvard 

Sending quotation from William Allen White. Please return it. Miss Lewis has had a relapse and they couldn't get a nurse. What is the doctor calling the bug he has? Sorry he didn't see Knopf. Viola Roseboro' has been telling her she can't find a copy of Ántonia. Stores in Chicago have been unable to get copies, and Brentano's says its order hasn't been filled.   Willa Cather   [Stout #495]

To Ferris GreensletJan. 12, 1921, from New YorkHarvard 

Has not seen Knopf for a while but has watched his advertising and decided to sign with him for "Claude." Decision based solely on publicity. Not a permanent commitment. Has not yet told Knopf. Greenslet seemed reluctant for her to write about the war or to write again about the West, and this book is primarily war and West. P.S.: Wants to write him personally before he leaves for Europe. [Stout #528]

To Paul ReynoldsApr. 27, [1921], from TorontoColumbia 

Novel still not finished. Knopf may already have promised another magazine first look at the galleys. Which one is Reynolds talking to?   Willa Cather   [Stout #541]

To Dr. Julius TyndaleSept. 21, [1921], from Red Cloud, Nebr.UVa 

He may find this telegram from her publisher interesting. It's about the new novel. [Encloses copy of telegram from Alfred Knopf praising One of Ours, still in typescript.]   Willa Cather   [Stout #553]

To Fanny ButcherSept. 23, [1921], from Red Cloud, Nebr.Newberry 

Enclosing copy of Knopf's telegram praising the novel [ One of Ours ].   Willa Cather   [Stout #554]

To Blanche KnopfDec. 27, [1921], from no. 5 Bank StreetHRC 

Thanks for the Italian cruets and for the book Mr. Knopf sent. Will be in on Fridays again.   Willa Cather   [Stout #567]

To Carrie Miner SherwoodDec. 27, [1921], from New YorkWCPM 

Thanks for the Christmas box. Especially enjoyed the steamed pudding. Mother sent aprons and other kitchen things. This brings Merry Christmas. P.S.: Publisher sent two Venetian glass bottles.  Willie   [Stout #568]

To Dorothy Canfield Fisher,  Monday [May 8, 1922?] UVt 

Yes, the story Dorothy sent about the university roughneck has the same idea as her book. Maybe future readers will think it is more true than Three Soldiers [Dos Passos] . Knopf hopes to see Dorothy in June. Glad Claude can help her understand how she was feeling in that long-past time. Will finish page proofs soon, but doesn't know if she can ever leave this book behind her.   Willa   [Stout #595]

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