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To Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant,  Monday [pm. Aug. 5, 1913] PM 

Sorry she and her family saw such a terrible accident. Enclosing a review just in from Chicago [by Floyd Dell].   W.   [Stout #261]

To Ferris GreensletApr. 27, [1921], from TorontoHarvard 

Sorry he hurt his shoulder. Her sprained ankle still bandaged. Please give Mr. Llona additional time on the translation. Some of what he has done seems worthwhile. Sinclair Lewis and Floyd Dell have been saying nice things about her. Sorry she couldn't go hear Lewis when he was in Toronto.   W. S. C.   [Stout #542]

To Mary Miner CreightonFeb. 4, [1922]Newberry 

Enclosing a letter from Mrs. Floyd Dell that will amuse her with its revelation of the maternal impulses of even a habituée of Greenwich Village.   Willie   [Stout #575]

To Mary Virginia CatherSunday [April 1928?], from the Kahler hotel, Rochester, MinnesotaUNL-Southwick 

Just arrived and will soon go to the [Mayo] clinic. The Kahler has been remodeled and is nicer than the Zumbro. Spoke at length about her with Elsie in Lincoln, and they decided that they will help out any time she wants to come. Will definitely be there herself if Elsie isn't able to arrange a year off. Lawn and shrubs of the yard are doing well. Is hiring Amos [?] to tend to the grass, and he and Floyd Twinnse [?] are going to plant tough zinnias where father had his flowers. The entire place will be pleasant and inviting, and Elsie's school is off in early June, so mother could return with Will Auld then. Lizzie is very willing to get the house in order. The Bishop and his wife think the house is lovely, and mother's friends want to see her again. Their devotion to mother is so touching; longs to return to Red Cloud herself—really! Mother should not despair, for she is better off than most her age, and her children are there for her. Aging is not easy, but her loving children and friends are committed to making her content.   Willie