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To R. L. ScaifeDec. 1, [1917], from New YorkHarvard 

Chose Benda to do pen-and-ink drawings after seeing his drawings for Jacob Riis's The Old Town, for which Macmillan paid him $900. Expected to have about a third as many for her book. Benda will not do what they had decided on for the amount Houghton Mifflin is offering. Might do something simpler and easier for that amount. Will work with him on some new ideas. Is cutting the book so it will be very little longer than O Pioneers!.   Willa S. Cather   [Stout #400]

To Charles F. CatherDecember 1923? [but with a newspaper clipping from the Sydney Mail, Sydney, Australia, stamped July 11, 1923] ; UNL 

How did her face get to Australia? Merry Christmas.   Willie   [Stout #712]

To Mr. [Sydney] Jacobs [production manager at Knopf],  Sunday [Apr. 18, 1937?] HRC 

Proofs look all right.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1363]