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To Mabel Dodge LuhanJuly 1, [1930], from ParisBeinecke 

Her article on Lawrence captures him better than anyone else has done. So glad to hear that Jeffers liked Archbishop. Admires his "Roan Stallion" and "Night." Paris has deteriorated, more like New York now. Wouldn't have come except to see a seriously ill friend. Misses New Mexico and is tired of festivities.   Willa   [Stout #1014]

To Lt. Harrison T. BlaineJune 9, 1943Jaffrey , copy at WCPM

Enjoyed his letter and is glad he wrote. Interesting that his mother owns High Mowing. Wrote much of the later part of My Ántonia in a tent at the bottom of the hill between there and Stony Brook Farm, when Mrs. Robinson owned the property. Was staying at the Shattuck Inn and would go up the road and through the hedge to the tent. Would go back to the inn at midday through the woods, where there was an abundance of lady's-slipper and Hookers' orchid. [Varieties of both lady's-slipper and wild orchid are marked in Cather's personal copy of Mathews's Field Book of American Wild Flowers at the HRC.] Once saw a fox. Glad he loves both High Mowing and the book that was partly written there. Has not gone to the inn much since the woods were damaged by a hurricane.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1632]

To Roscoe CatherDecember 9 [really January, or perhaps December 29?], [1925 or 1926?], on W.S.C. letterhead ; UNL-Roscoe 

Happy New Year! Since he asked, the mortgage note is due April 10. Could he please bring his family to New Mexico in June to spend time with her? Will be there in the first part of the summer, and would like to know as soon as possible if they can come down. What fun they would have together! Thanks to his daughters for the Christmas gifts, and hopes their Christmas was pleasant. Did they receive the copy of Swiss Family Robinson she mailed from Chicago? To her surprise, the "Professor" has been selling well.   Willie