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To Mary Virginia CatherFebruary 2, [1917] [On the back of one leaf is written, "Elsie do not worry about my cold nor say anything about it to the folks at home for I am all over it now and feeling fine except I am still tired so very tired Lovingly Mother"] ; UNL-Southwick 

Is very concerned about mother's cold and thinks she should go to Yuma if it does not improve. Is pleased mother has met nice people at the boarding house; often kind but unfamiliar people are more relaxing companions than family and friends, as one tends to put on a better face for them. Is in bed for a few days with visiting "friend." Dr. Van Etten, to whom she was referred by Dr. Wiener, is helpful, and thinks he might be able to make her monthly bout less difficult over time and, by reducing loss of blood, improve her general health. Is very distraught by the war news, and has written father in detail about it. Bought a black, beaded silk bag for Auntie Sister for $1 at Wannamaker's when there to purchase curtains. Thinks Auntie will think it very classy. Monthly expenses are $50 higher this year; have [she and Edith Lewis] given up opera and most concerts (but do often get free theater tickets). Mrs. Deland solicited a $10 donation for Belgium; had to give it since Deland kept her for three weeks after the Boston operation. Jack is working in Pittsburgh now, but the job isn't likely to last long. He seems very cocky of late, so wrote him a diatribe warning him not to look silly in front of Pittsburgh friends. He'll probably soon get over the boastful mood and be a humble boy again. Will soon mail her the month's magazines and plans to send a Valentine's Day card to West Virginia and a book to Mrs. Letson. Since it is Friday, has to meet guests for tea, but hopes few will arrive today. Likes to use the lunch cloth mother gave her and Isabelle's silver every Friday.   Willie