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To Dorothy Canfield FisherApr. 17, 1947UVt 

Has been wanting to write but wanted to wait until she could write by hand. Injured the tendon of right thumb again and has had it in brace. Long ago promised an editor to write an account of their visit to A. E. Housman. Wants to mention how Dorothy rescued the occasion by talking about Latin scholarship, which provided an avenue of approach to him. Wants to be accurate. Is it right that she had come directly from studying with Gaston Paris in France, for her doctorate? Recalls that Housman found it interesting. Several people have sent dreadful manuscripts about Housman. Wishes a certain type of young men would not pine for Housman as they do. The word "lad" seems to exert a magic spell for them. Recalls that she and Isabelle had just come from Ludlow, and the word "lad" was quite common there, meaning any hired boy. P.S.: Didn't Housman teach Latin at the University of London? What branch of Latin?  Willa   [Stout #1759]