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To unnamed "boys" [sons of Annie Pavelka?]June 26, 1931, from Grosvenor Hotel, New YorkWCPM 

Did not forget their commencement. Has shown their pictures to friends in Pasadena and New York as examples of the fine Bohemian boys in Nebraska. Has had a commencement of her own—honorary degree at Princeton. Met the Lindberghs. Sorry not to stop when she came through, but will be there before another year goes by.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1058]

To Carrie Miner SherwoodMar. 15, [1932], from Grosvenor Hotel, New YorkWCPM 

The young man's [?] business proposal has destroyed her concentration on a day when she was beginning a new story. Please keep an eye out; will get her lawyer onto it if he makes another move. Why can't people leave her alone? [Several words blotted out.] P.S.: So terrible about the Lindberghs.  Willie   [Stout #1101]

To Helen SpragueMar. 20, [1932?]WCPM 

Weather has been cold since she got back, but once she got over the flu has been going to concerts and operas. Sees Virginia about once a week. Despairing about the Lindberghs' baby! Police don't seem to be doing anything, and no one respects their privacy. When her child arrives, don't smother him with motherly doting. That ruins children.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1102]

To Helen [Sprague?]June 24, [1932?], from Grand MananWCPM 

Please write and tell her all about the baby. Lindberghs' ordeal only seems to get worse. What disgusting deception of them! Has been enjoying their quiet cabin and the cool, foggy weather.    [signature illegible]    [Stout #1114]

To Ferris GreensletNov. 30, 1935, from New YorkHarvard 

Arrived last week after a rough voyage that she enjoyed. Isabelle will never improve, but was feeling somewhat better than in the summer. Likes Anne Morrow Lindbergh's book [North to the Orient, 1935]. P.S.: Please send a copy of the Cape edition of The Song of the Lark.  Willa Cather   [Stout #1278]

To Mabel Dodge LuhanFeb. 5, 1936Beinecke 

Enjoyed her Christmas card, with its sprig of sage. Spent a very pleasant time in Italy latter part of summer after wearing herself out caring for a sick friend. Returned shortly before Christmas. Enjoyed the rough passage, but Edith so sick she had to be carried off the boat. Still hasn't caught up on her letters. Doesn't she like the Anne Lindbergh book!   Willa   [Stout #1295]

To Zoë Akins,  Friday [Oct. 29, 1936?] , from Jaffrey, N.H.Huntington 

Doesn't care for the manuscript; naturalism not Zoë's style. Recommends Anne Parrish's new novel. Is working well and feeling good. Edith Lewis coming tonight for a week.   W. S. C.   [Stout #1378]

To Ferris GreensletOct. 22, 1943Harvard 

Has received two letters from him. Since he mentions he has been fishing, assumes he is well. The second [saying that they need to reprint O Pioneers! and would like to do so with another company's imprint along with their own on the title page in order to utilize that company's quota of paper, under wartime rationing] is most unwelcome. Why should her books be victimized, since they are not long and do not sell huge numbers? Understands that in England the system is to trim down popular hits in order to protect small-market books. This might mean, for example, trimming part of the margin off The Robe [ Douglas ] to save paper for printing Julian Huxley or T. S. Eliot. Is not signing the consent form he sent.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1643]

To Ellery SedgwickJune 7, 1944UNL-Cather Collected 

Enjoyed his letter, but his memory failed him: "A Chance Meeting" was republished in Not Under Forty, and Sedgwick wrote a very pleasant review of it in the Atlantic Monthly. He understood Mrs. Fields and her milieu more than most. Van Wyck Brooks, who is usually so careful, even credited Cather with editing a book of Mrs. Whitman's letters; Miss Jewett was the one who did that. Had not heard the story of Henry James encountering Flaubert before, but recalls that James said he used to send Flaubert and Turgenev copies of his books and never got a response. It was big of James to divulge it.   Willa Cather 

To Roscoe Cather [June 18?, 1931] , on letterhead of the Hotel Grosvenor, 35 Fifth Avenue, New York, NYUNL-Roscoe 

Has described events in a letter to mother, and asked that it be forwarded to him. Inform Margaret and Elizabeth that she sat next to Charles Lindbergh at the [Princeton University] president's dinner party, and that she had lunch with the Lindberghs the day following.   Willie. 

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