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To Ferris GreensletOct. 20, 1941Harvard 

Glad to receive her royalty notice and to hear he is well. Has just come back from long, tiring trip to California. Six weeks in San Francisco spent with her brother were very happy; was able to take off Dr. Ober's brace during that time. Roscoe will never be his old self, but is adjusting well. Then spent some time in Victoria, Lake Louise, and Montreal. Splendid scenery but still prefers eastern part of Canada and Atlantic Ocean. P.S.: Please send a copy of latest edition of My Ántonia.  Willa Cather   [Stout #1551]

To Fanny Butcher,  n.d. [Dec. 1941?] Newberry 

Hand somewhat stiff from months in steel brace, but almost well. Wishing her a merry Christmas.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1563]

To Mrs. George WhicherApr. 22, 1942PM 

Was in hospital with a bad throat and high temperature when her letter came. Right hand doing well now, under Dr. Ober's care. Did she get to hear Jack sing at St. Paul's Chapel March 15? Was in the hospital then, so couldn't go. Surprised to hear Jack is studying law, though his innate brightness will surely enliven the level of law practice in this country. Life is so hectic nowadays, with the stressfulness of world events. P.S.: Understands she met Sigrid Undset at Mount Holyoke. Glad American readers have been willing to read Undset's Return to the Future in spite of its praise for Japan. Undset liked the cleanness and elegance of the Japanese, in contrast to the dirtiness of the Russians. Gunnar's Daughter [translation of "FortÓ•llingen om Viga-Ljot og Vigdis," published by Knopf in 1936]probably her best book. W. S. C.  Willa Cather   [Stout #1578]

To Mrs. Arthur J. McElhone,  [ American Academy of Arts and Letters ] [from Sarah J. Bloom, secretary] Apr. 28, 1942AAAL 

Cather unable to locate an early photograph of herself. Is sending one supplied by her niece, Virginia Auld. Please return it.   Sarah J. Bloom, Secretary   [Stout #1581]

To Laura HillsDec. 29, [1942]PM 

Very happy to receive her letter. Dr. Ober's brace cured the damaged tendon in her right thumb, after ten months of having no use of it. Even slept in the brace. Likes her "Hurricane" picture a great deal. Misses niece Mary Virginia, with her husband at an Army camp in Colorado, but enjoys her nice letters. She and Edith Lewis have no maid at present, so she spends most of her working time in the kitchen.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1607]

To Arthur Train [President, National Institute of Arts and Letters]Dec. 23, 1943AAAL 

Is delighted to accept the Institute's Gold Medal for fiction. Sorry to be late replying, but was away.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1650]

To Mrs. George WhicherJan. 24, 1944PM 

Sorry not to have written in so long. The world is all in distress, everyone's lives disrupted. All the young people in her family caught up in the war. Mary Virginia and husband, Dick Mellen, at Camp Carson in Colorado, and her brother at a camp in Arizona, one of the least attractive spots in the state. Enjoyed having Mary Virginia in town for a visit recently. Another niece's husband is commander of an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. Everyone lives in suspense. Will paste their Christmas card with picture of Beacon Street into Annie Fields's Memories of a Hostess. Doesn't understand why Boston has messed up the area around Trinity Church. Spent last summer in Maine; very comfortable in spite of poor food. Wishing them a happy new year. Willa Cather. P.S.: Has sprained right hand again and is back in Dr. Ober's brace.   [Stout #1657]

To Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant,  Thursday [Mar. 9, 1944?] UVa 

Glad she can come to dinner on Saturday March 18. Sorry for the sloppy handwriting, but hand still in the Ober brace.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1660]

To Frank H. WoodsJune 14, 1944 Beinecke, copy also at ; WCPM 

Was away in Quebec when his letter arrived. Enjoyed receiving it and remembering his mother. Glad My Ántonia reminds him of Nebraska. Many people did not like it at first, but those who did liked it very much, and it gradually gained momentum. Brought her into correspondence with Thomas Masaryk for eight years. It is rather formless but captures her feeling for the area.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1671]

To Sigrid UndsetJan. 6, 1945Oslo 

Her Christmas remembrance was very kind and forgiving. Has thought of her so often. Living conditions deteriorate more each day. Miss Lewis can't even get a taxi to take her to Brooklyn to see her two sisters. The problem of finding servants is acute; their capable woman comes from ten until two to clean and prepare lunch, but for dinner they must cruise about town in search of food, and poor quality at that. Has been working on a story that very much interests her, but last week her right hand gave out again and she is back in Dr. Ober's brace. Isn't very philosophical about it. Will soon send Undset an early book of hers, which she thinks Undset might like despite its grave faults, which appeared in Danish and Swedish [probably 1918 edition of My Ántonia].   [Stout #1690]

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