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To Elsie CatherAugust 30, [1911]UNL-Southwick 

Yes, please come for a visit before going to Northampton. The apartment will not be destroyed too much before the 20th, and the maid will keep her comfortable. Has Margie found the photographs of Willow Shade? She really wants to have one. Where are Grandma [Emily Ann Caroline Smith] Cather's photos? Very pleased that the family likes "The Swedish Mother" [a poem by Cather published first in McClure's 37 (September 1911), p. 541], and that Mary Virginia recognizes the people in it. Let her know that her grandpa will recall the night he left Cather by the mountain field and she saw a bear's nose between the shrubs. Though it looked like a pig nose, it troubled her. Often waited by a hawthorn tree, but did not know what her Swedish character would call a hawthorn. McClure likes it very much and says the poem is being talked about around town. Everyone seems to like the "red-haired" girl. It will be great to see Elsie. Tell Mary the story about saving the girl in the Park from the dog that assaulted her crow. Mary should take her crow over to see Irene, who would like it. Think of it: Elsie will be at 82 in just ten days!  PS: Stand on a chair and give Toby a kiss before leaving.  Willie