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To Elizabeth Shepley SergeantOct. 4, [1922]PM 

Sorry Elsie had to order a copy of the novel; should have remembered to send one. Enjoyed a recent visit with the William Allen Whites; he teased her about being abandoned by the more literary reviewers. Debate about the book in magazines and newspapers very lively. Nothing interesting in New York on the literary scene except John Galsworthy's new play, Loyalties, on a Jewish theme. After seeing him at the theater jammed between two Jewish matrons on a hot evening, wonders if he's having second thoughts. Beyond the royalties it will bring, feels One of Ours advanced her in her writing.   W. S. C.   [Stout #625]

To William Allen WhiteOct. 19, 1922, from New YorkLC 

Appreciates his good words, though they may make the highbrow critics all the more hostile. Is certain the novel is her best technically, and is certain she knew Claude through and through. Hopes he and Mrs. White will visit again when they are in New York.   Willa Cather   [Stout #629]

To Mr. JohnsNov. 17, 1922, from New YorkUVa 

Appreciates his wonderful letter. No one else has recognized the Parsifal parallels in One of Ours. Considered using "The Blameless Fool, by Pity Enlightened" on the title page, but finally decided on the line from Vachel Lindsay. He saw it in spite of her reticence. Hopes to see him and Mrs. Johns on a Friday after the first of the year.   Willa Cather   [Stout #644]

To William Allen WhiteJuly 8, [1923]LC 

Glad he likes A Lost Lady. Especially pleases her when midwestern people like her books. Going to Aix-les-Bains soon. P.S.: Saw Mr. McClure two weeks ago.  Willa Cather   [Stout #688]

To Dorothy Canfield FisherOct. 22, [1925], from Jaffrey, N.H.UVt 

Has been in New York only three days since the first of June. Enjoys being here for fall. Walks a lot. Is going back to New York in a week but expects to leave it permanently before long. Is surprised at how well The Professor's House is selling, considering how gloomy it is. Not her favorite. Wishes she could see the Frosts again, but never seems to have time. Has been wanting to work on a story but keeps getting interrupted.   Willa   [Stout #798]

To William Allen WhiteJan. 8, 1926LC 

Miss Owen ought to be able to get started in magazines. But sketch genre too easy, and she hasn't disciplined her writing.   Willa Cather   [Stout #816]

To William Allen WhiteSept. 17, [1927], from Jaffrey, N.H.LC 

Is glad he liked Archbishop. Most of it quite true. Gathered stories from Mexicans and priests and from Lamy's and Machebeuf's letters home. The letters gave her their personalities.   Willa Cather   [Stout #898]

To Mrs. George WhicherMay 22, 1933PM 

Appreciates her kindness in searching for hotel accommodations, and also her thoughtfulness to have made the reservation in Miss Lewis's name. It's obvious that Smith College is not going to be so thoughtful. The tone of their letters is truly condescending. Perhaps they should plan to have dinner together on Saturday rather than Friday. Maybe West Virginia could come, too. Has lived in such a rush lately, hasn't even written to her. Looks forward to seeing the Frosts as well.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1180]

To Mrs. Vanamee [ American Academy of Arts and Letters ]May 29, 1940AAAL 

Is honored to have been asked to serve on the nomination committee for the Howells Medal and would enjoy working with the other members of the committee [Ellen Glasgow, Stewart E. White, and Thornton Wilder] but feels too little acquainted with recent fiction to be able to contribute to the task. Has mostly been reading about 13th century France for several years.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1481]

To Carrie Miner SherwoodDec. 22, [1941?]WCPM 

Is sending a book by William Allen White's son about military aircraft and minesweepers and such.   Willie   [Stout #1564]

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