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To Frank Egleston RobbinsMay 21, 1924Michigan 

Is satisfied with arrangements for stay in Ann Arbor. Will attend luncheon, and will appreciate his providing her a cap and gown. Rather short gown, fairly large head size.   Willa Cather   [Stout #733]

To Frank Egleston RobbinsJune 8, [1924]Michigan 

Arriving in Ann Arbor via the "Wolverine" on Sunday morning, June 15. Hopes to be met at the station.   Willa Cather   [Stout #734]

To Zona GaleMar. 20, 1925HSW 

Person Gale introduced by letter has written, but the name is indecipherable. Maybe it's in Hebrew and a rabbi could make it out!   Willa Cather   [Stout #774]

To unnamed sister [Jessica Cather Auld?]Oct. 27, [1925?], from Jaffrey, N.H.TWU 

Coat left behind was Edith Lewis's. Please send on to New York. Bishops are going along, but historical facts cramp the writing. Was invited to lecture at Smith College this winter but declined. Would like to buy baby a coat. Enclosing review. People saying The Professor's House is her best book. Can't understand it.   W—.   [Stout #800]

To Mr. Griffith,  n.d. [Oct. 29, 1925?] UVa 

Thanks for invitation from Authors Club for November 10, but has a commitment in Chicago that week. [Gave the William Vaughn Moody Lecture at the Univ. of Chicago on Nov. 17, 1925 and same lecture at the Women's City Club in Cleveland on November 20.]   Willa Cather   [Stout #801]

To Irene Miner WeiszNov. 4, [1925], from New YorkNewberry 

Just back from New Hampshire. Will speak the night of the 17th. Please reserve hotel room for the 15th through 17th. Could stay the night of the 18th with her. Hopes to have lunch together the day of the lecture and wants her support.   Willa   [Stout #802]

To Irene Miner Weisz,  Friday [Nov. 20, 1925] , on stationery of the Hotel Statler, ClevelandNewberry 

Had a good audience in a fine hall, so enjoyed giving the lecture, which went well. Enjoyed visit.   Willie   [Stout #805]

To Dorothy Canfield Fisher,  Thursday [Dec. 3, 1925?] , from New YorkUVt 

Returned from Chicago and Cleveland on Saturday and found in accumulated mail a copy of her Made-to-Order Stories. Will send it to twin nieces in their Christmas package. Visited niece Mary Virginia at Smith College on the way home. Sorry such an unworthy person [?] is settling near Dorothy.   Willa   [Stout #807]

To Ferris GreensletFeb. 15, 1926, from New YorkHarvard 

Mr. Knopf says Houghton Mifflin not willing to sell rights to her books. Please, then, try to sell copies. Not fair for him to imply that A Lost Lady was only a reprise of My Ántonia. True, the original of Ántonia did work for the original of Mrs. Forrester. Both books consider the same society but different elements of it and in very different ways. Yes, will try to shorten the preface [to My Ántonia], which is quite necessary to a reader's understanding of the ending. Wants to wait, though, to avoid interrupting the work in progress. When is the new edition to appear? Must keep Benda illustrations.   Willa Cather   [Stout #824]

To Mary Virginia Auld,  Monday [Jan. 24, 1927] , from New YorkUNL 

Spoke at Bryn Mawr on Thursday evening. [Error for Tuesday, January 18? College newspaper printed a report on her talk on January 19.] Enjoyed it, but has subsequently had a lumbago attack. Is in bed today and will probably miss the American Society of Civil Engineering dinner on Wednesday. Was invited by the President of the Great Northern Railroad and has looked forward to meeting men who would be attending.   W. S. C.   [Stout #870]

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