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To Ferris GreensletNov. 10, [1921], from New YorkHarvard 

Glad Ántonia is selling well. Can talk about Alexander's Bridge when he is in town. Thanks for the good display of books in Omaha. Sending some clippings for him to show his publicity department. P.S.: Made calls on major book stores in Chicago, besides lecturing.  Willa Cather   [Stout #561]

To Ferris GreensletMay 2, 1922Harvard 

Pleased with the royalty statement. When does he need introduction for Alexander's Bridge? Would appreciate an advance on amount due in September.   Willa Cather   [Stout #593]

To Ferris GreensletSept. 1, [1922], from Grand MananHarvard 

Many thanks for his letter about One of Ours and corrections in the text, which will be made in the third printing. Has finished her preface for Alexander's Bridge. Is feeling quite well and has finished a long short story she thought had faltered.   W. S. C.   [Stout #616]

To Ferris GreensletNov. 17, 1922, from New YorkHarvard 

Pleased with the sales report, but the copy of Alexander's Bridge hasn't arrived. Did he see her article on Mrs. Fields? ["148 Charles Street," a review of De Wolfe Howe's Memories of a Hostess, 1922, drawn mainly from Annie Adams Fields's diaries] Is going to Red Cloud next week to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Willa Cather   [Stout #643]

To Elizabeth Moorhead VermorckenSept. 19, [1928]PM 

Can't remember if she ever wrote about Elizabeth's mother's surgery. Life has been very disordered. Has been at Grand Manan, off the coast of New Brunswick, at the house she and Miss Lewis have there. Expects to go to Quebec in a few weeks. It has been a hard year. Likes the essay on herself in Whipple's book Spokesmen [R. K. Whipple, Spokesmen: Modern Writers and American Life, 1928], which has a fine essay on Henry Adams. Greetings to her mother. P.S.: Likes Thornton Wilder's new book [probably The Bridge of San Luis Rey, 1927].  Willa Cather   [Stout #944]

To Ferris GreensletOct. [?], 1943, transcription made by E. K. Brown ; Beinecke 

Returned from Philadelphia today and began to read in his book [ Under the Bridge ]. It shows what an interesting and enjoyable life he has had, without being too familiar in tone. Appreciates what he says about her. Agrees with most of his comments about writers, but not about Sydnor Harrison, who always seemed like a shallow journalist to her.  P.S.: Shouldn't spelling of scientist Zinsser be Zinsner?  Willa Cather   [Stout #1645]

To Elsie CatherJuly 9, [1933]UNL-Rosowski Cather 

Received a letter from Roscoe discussing his good Washington trip. Envies Elsie and Virginia's travel in western Nebraska and would like see the twins. Since Mary Virginia was going to Canada anyway, has invited her to Grand Manan for her vacation. She will stay at the inn, but can come to the cottage when she likes. Not sure she'll like the island life, but it is better than the place she visited in Nova Scotia last year. Very sorry about Bess. Wants to help, at least with expenses. Hopes Elsie will get porches painted, with thorough sanding first, and send the bill when it is finished. Pleased she liked "Two Friends." The book version is preferable to the Companion version. Tell Bessie that Virginia is spending her vacation at Grand Manan. Mother would have liked the idea; has told Virginia so. Travel to Grand Manan no more expensive than to Nova Scotia. Mary Virginia may not like Grand Manan's isolation and overcast skies, but she can play bridge at inn with nice people there (some rather dull). Tell Jess thanks for the letter and explain the invitation to Mary Virginia.   Willie 

To Elsie CatherSeptember 4, [1941?]UNL-Rosowski Cather 

Will write more when back in New York at the typewriter, but only Elsie can choose where to live because it is a personal decision, not a financial one. She should take her time during her year-long vacation to choose. Neither option is a bad one. Change is always unnerving. Found it so herself when she left Allegheny High School for New York and when she quit McClure's to write Alexander's Bridge. Best to explore a change without completely burning bridges. In the meantime, Elsie should enjoy her vacation. Plans rarely work perfectly; one should live one day at a time. Hopes she is enjoying fall in Nebraska.   W. 

To Mary Virginia CatherJuly 3, [1908], from Venice; postcard showing canal and Bridge of Sighs ; UNL-Rosowski Cather 
Image of postcard showing canal and Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy
Front of postcard #1874

Was out on the water and followed a group singing in their boat. Venice incredibly lovely; may never leave.   Willa 

To Bobbie [nickname for Elsie Cather] [December 31, 1913] UNL-Rosowski Cather 

Got the embroidered pillow cases Elsie sent for Christmas and will use them herself right away. Doesn't want to regret on death bed that all the best things were saved, only to be used by strangers. Hopes Elsie enjoyed the beads Cather sent. Originally bought them for herself, but then sent them to Elsie after Edith gave her some very similar beads on her birthday. Christmas Day was awful. Spent the day unpacking books sent to new apartment [on 5 Bank Street] from Pittsburgh, then ate an early dinner at Guffanti's before calling it a day. Both going to Boston for New Year's, Edith to see family and she to see Mrs. Fields and Mrs. Deland. Will be tiring, as she will have to take advantage of so many enjoyable opportunities. Intends to be devoted to new novel when she returns. Edith loved Elsie's present and will write soon. On Christmas Eve heard Fremstad sing Isolde [in Richard Wagner's Tristan and Isolde]. Great opera is only thing that can recall childhood feelings of Christmas. Fremstad was wonderful. Got home late, but not as late as Fremstad, who got in at two a.m. and found the miniature orange tree Cather had sent, and immediately wrote a thank-you note. Fremstad is hard to please but Cather thought the orange tree would be perfect when she was fresh from singing Isolde, as it is otherworldly and thus in keeping with the role. Like other imaginative people, Fremstad responds instinctively. Heard she took the tree into her bedroom that night. Loved the photographs of Virginia, as did Isabelle. Would Elsie like an English edition of Alexander's Bridge? Apartment not large enough for three, but Elsie could be there often if she came to New York for a while. PS: Thank Roscoe and Virginia for nice gifts.  Willie 

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