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    Pinero, Arthur Wing

  1. Author: Pinero, Arthur Wing
    Title: The Amazons
    Date: 1895
    Genre: drama
    Note Relating to Cather: Pinero "has an unusually light touch for an Englishman, just a spice of Congreve, and he has written some of the most delightful of farces, of which The Amazons is probably the best known in this country."
    Note Source: Courier 7/22/1899

  2. Author: Pinero, Arthur Wing
    Title: The Gay Lord Quex
    Date: 1899
    Genre: drama
    Note Relating to Cather: In a piece in the World and the Parish, Cather review The Gay Lord Quex in the 3/6/1901 Index. In a 1901 Index article Cather calls The Gay Lord Quex "the best English play of the year."
    Note Source: World and the Parish 2:793; Index 3/9/1901

  3. Author: Pinero, Arthur Wing
    Title: The Ironmaster
    Date: 1884
    Genre: drama
    Note Relating to Cather: The play was adapted by Arthur Wing Pinero from George Ohnet's novel Le Maitre de forges (1882). A "little less morbid" than Pinero's previous play, this "begins with married misery and ends with an embrace."
    Note Source: Journal 2/7/1894

  4. Author: Pinero, Arthur Wing
    Title: The Second Mrs. Tanqueray
    Date: 1893
    Genre: drama
    Note Relating to Cather: In an 1894 Journal article Cather writes: "Of course the modern play must begin with marriage. The Second Mrs. Tanqueray, with which Mr. and Mrs. Kendal have been astonishing and shocking the east, begins with marriage and ends with misery." In an 1899 Courier article Cather writes: "In the first place, it [The Second Mrs. Tanqueray] is a great play, the greatest play written in the English tongue for many a long day." In an 1899 Courier article Cather calls The Second Mrs. Tanqueray an "intense and commanding piece of work."
    Note Source: Journal 2/7/1894; Courier 7/22/1899; Courier 12/23/1899

  5. Author: Pinero, Arthur Wing
    Title: Trelawney of the Wells
    Date: 1898
    Genre: drama
    Note Relating to Cather: "The play is the least garish, the most dignified and untheatric that I have seen in many a long day, and it has a literary flavor rare enough in these degenerate times."
    Note Source: Courier 12/23/1899