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  1. Author: Heine, Heinrich
    Title: Confessions
    Date: 1854
    Genre: nonfiction
    Note Relating to Cather: In an 1897 Courier article, Cather quotes from the "Confessions" in a piece on objections to a statue of Heine in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. In an 1898 Courier article, Cather quotes from the "Confessions" in a piece on the young runaway Adelaide Mould, daughter of the comic opera star Marion Manola. In "Double Birthday," Dr. Albert Engelhardt protests about Marguerite Thiesinger's illness with the line "God is a grimmer humorist than I. Nobody but God could have perpetrated anything so cruel." March (348) suggests that this alludes to a passage near the end of Heine's Confessions. In an 1896 Journal article, Cather quotes a passage in an essay on various stage adaptations of Scenes de la vie de Boheme by Henri Murger.
    Note Source: Courier 11/6/1897; Courier 2/19/1898; Uncle Valentine and Other Stories 53; Journal 4/5/1896

  2. Author: Rousseau, Jean Jacques
    Title: Confessions
    Date: 1781; 1788
    Genre: nonfiction
    Note Relating to Cather: In "The Count of Crow's Nest," Helena de Koch proposes that Rosseau's Confessions keep him popular, that scandal enhances a man's reputation.
    Note Source: Collected Short Fiction 1892-1912 465