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  1. Author: Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
    Title: Faust
    Date: 1808/1832
    Genre: fiction
    Note Relating to Cather: In The Professor's House, Godfrey St. Peter's students refer to him as Mephistopheles because St. Peter has "wicked-looking eyebrows." In a review of Lewis Morrison's Faust: "After one completely disillusioned himself of thinking that he was seeing Goethe's Faust and resigned himself to the fact that he was seeing Morrison's Faust, the play went very well....Mr. Morrison does not seem to be able to write Faust quite as well as Goethe did." In "Old Mrs. Harris," Vickie Templeton admires an illustrated edition of Faust at Mrs. Ronen's house, pausing at a "picture of Gethchen entering the church, with Faustus gazing at her from behend a rose tree, Mephisto at his shoulder." She is disappointed that she can't read it and wants to be able to do so in the German.
    Note Source: The Professor's House Book I, Chap. 1; Journal 1/18/1894; Obscure Destinies 90