Willa Cather's childhood home

Willa Cather spent her early life in Red Cloud, a former railroad town six miles north of the Kansas border. These were important and formative years for Cather: six of her twelve novels are at least partly set in Red Cloud and

St. Stephanie Scandanavian Evangelical Lutheran Chruch, near Red Cloud
Webster County, including One of Ours, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1923. The town remained an important part of her life after graduation from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln; during her later life in Pittsburgh and New York she regularly visited family and friends in Red Cloud. The Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial & Educational Foundation has spent many years restoring sites in the town and Webster County, forming an extensive and unique living museum. During the seminar, we will see her childhood home, the stage where she gave her graduation speech, the homes of friends and neighbors that appear in the stories, and many other places that shape her work.

Nebraska State Capitol building

Lincoln, a university town 150 miles northeast of Red Cloud, is the site of the seminarís second half. Lincoln, population 250,000, is Nebraskaís capital city and is the cultural

Temple Building, UNL Campus
center for a large swathe of the Great Plains region. It is home to excellent music, art, museums, restaurants, sports, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Catherís years in Lincoln (1890Ė95) were spent attending the University, working as a critic for the local and university papers, and taking her first steps as a writer. During the seminar, we will stay on the campus and explore sites that were important to her and which feature in her fiction.

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