Bibliography of Translations of Willa Cather's Work

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Total Number of Published Translations: 394

    Arabic (6 titles)

  1. Translated Title: Rajulwa Wa Imara'atān
    Original English Title: Alexander's Bridge
    Translated by:  Fathī Abū-Rafī'ah.
    Publication Information: al-Qāhirah: al-Dār al-Qawmīyah
    Date: 1966
  2. Translated Title: al-Mawt ya'ti ilá Kabir al-asafiqah
    Original English Title: Death Comes for the Archbishop
    Translated by:  Not given
    Publication Information: Cairo: Matabi` Dar al-Kitab al-Misri
    Date: 1950-1959?
    Accession ID: OCLC: 18445447
  3. Translated Title: 'Azizati Antonia
    Original English Title: My Ántonia
    Translated by:  Suhair al-Qalamawi
    Publication Information: Cairo: Dar al-Ma'arif
    Date: 1954
  4. Translated Title: `Aduqi al-ladud, wa, Ahlá sinin
    Original English Title: My Mortal Enemy
    Translated by:  Izabil Kamal
    Publication Information: al-Qahirah: al-Hayah al-`Ammah li-Qusur al-Thaqafah, Edition: al-Tab`ah 1
    Date: 1998
    Accession ID: OCLC: 223225722
  5. Translated Title: Masa'ir Majhulah: thalath qisas tarifah min al-gharb
    Original English Title: Obscure Destinies
    Translated by:  Farju, Bashir
    Publication Information: Baghdad: Matba`at Shafiq
    Date: 1950-1959?
    Accession ID: OCLC: 18445541
  6. Translated Title: Alwan min al-qissah al-saghirah fi al-adab al-Amriki
    Original English Title: Paul's Case
    Translated by:  Akhad, Abbas Mahmoud
    Publication Information: al-Qāhirah ; Niyū Yūrk : Muʼassasat Firānklīn lil-Ṭibāʻah wa-al-Nashr
    Date: 1954
    Accession ID: OCLC: 60354567
    Note:  Title translates to something akin to "A Rainbow of Short Stories." Collection also includes stories by authors: Washington Irving, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Thomas Bailey Aldrich, George Ade, Edna Ferber, S.V. Benet, William Faulkner, and John Steinbeck.