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To Sara TeasdaleMay 9, 1911UVa 

Sorry to have been away when she was in town; would have enjoyed seeing her. Liked her poem in the May Scribner's. Will stop off in St. Louis someday to see her and [Zoë] Akins.   Willa Sibert Cather   [Stout #191]

To Sara TeasdaleMay 10, [1931], from Pasadena, Calif.Wellesley  typed transcription at NYPL.

Brought her letter along to California, where mother has been in sanitarium almost three years. Has been with her a lot of the time and has lost track of friends. Book just finished helped her hold together. Zoë has been a good friend. Please send a collection of selected poems. New poets don't let emotion blossom in their poems.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1052]

To Zoë AkinsFeb. 19, [1933]Huntington 

Many thanks for the pictures of her home and of herself and of Hugo. Many people in town now, no chance of working. Regrets the news about Sara Teasdale. Why didn't she find anything to live for? Off to a concert with the Menuhins!   Willa   [Stout #1163]