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To Ferris GreensletAug. 22, [1916], from Red Cloud, Nebr.Harvard 

Has been in the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming. Has he seen Alice Meynell's review in the Manchester Guardian? Will have another book ready by the end of the year, probable title "The Blue Mesa." The book on the Southwest to come after that. Is shutting last year behind her. Glad to receive his check.   W. S. C.   [Stout #365]

To Mr. WellsJan. 16, 1933Newberry 

Glad he sent the English reviews of Obscure Destinies, especially the one from Manchester Guardian. Interesting that he was a professor at Michigan when she received honorary degree there. The first university to give a person an honorary degree is brave. Princeton was brave in giving her its first to a woman. Best wishes with his work at the British Museum.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1153]

To Louise Imogen GuineyMay 25, 1911, from the Parker House, BostonHoly Cross 

Is staying at this nice hotel while doing some work after spending a week with Mrs. Fields, who was preparing to go to Manchester. Mrs. Fields was in fine spirits and even met her at the station; John [?] said she hadn't come personally to South Station in years. The house on Charles Street was enchanting, and the soul of that great woman all cared for [ Sarah Orne Jewett ] felt near. On the final evening, Mrs. Fields read from the "Wayside Harp" [actually The Roadside Harp: A Book of Verses by Louise Imogen Guiney, published first by Houghton Mifflin in 1893 and reissued in 1906] and lingered over "The Cherry Bough" with moist eyes. Mrs. Fields's friends have installed a small lift for her in the house. Became quite a good elevator boy throughout the week. If she loses her job as managing editor, at least she is now qualified for another job with the company. Has had ear problems herself (mastoid). Hopes Guiney's improve immediately. Mr. McClure remains overseas until July, so she will not do much traveling this summer, but hopes to see her when she does get a chance.   Willa S. C.