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To Elizabeth Shepley SergeantJuly 5, [1912], from Red Cloud, Nebr.PM 

Hopes to hear she is better. Is going to the Bohemian area to see the wheat harvest next week. Leaving for Pittsburgh in about two weeks. Will work on a story to be called "The White Mulberry Tree" that will alarm Ferris Greenslet. [Enclosure: poem "Prairie Spring"]   W. S. C.   [Stout #239]

To Alice Hunt Bartlett1925 pub. in part in Poetry Review of London, quoted in Bohlke

Does not regard herself as an "effective force in American poetry," as Bartlett said. Of her own poetry, believes "A Likeness," "A Silver Cup," "Going Home," and "Macon Prairie" are the best. The most popular is probably "Spanish Johnny."   [Stout #769]

To Emily Schossberger [of the Prairie Schooner]September 10, 1943UNL-Cather Collected 

The claim in Miss Schossberger's second letter that Cather has published something in the Prairie Schooner is very confusing to her, for it is not true. Perhaps an editor resuscitated something she wrote when editing the Hesperian as a student, since the editors were also the writers, but nothing else has been in there. In fact, she knows very little about the Prairie Schooner altogether. Please show her what she wants to publish before doing so; one does not always appreciate seeing one's college essays in the later years.   Willa Cather