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To Burges Johnson [1928?] , excerpt made by E. K. Brown ; Beinecke 

Most English teachers have never actually written a thing and think being scholarly means avoiding any taint of common sense. One critic makes a big point of broad a sounds in female names in her books. Could quote others equally foolish. One says title Death Comes for the Archbishop shows she is now willing to acknowledge death. What it shows is that [Hans] Holbein used the title in his woodcut and she saw Latour's death as a victorious one, a kind of riding away with death.   [Stout #933]

To Ferris GreensletOct. [?], 1943, transcription made by E. K. Brown ; Beinecke 

Returned from Philadelphia today and began to read in his book [ Under the Bridge ]. It shows what an interesting and enjoyable life he has had, without being too familiar in tone. Appreciates what he says about her. Agrees with most of his comments about writers, but not about Sydnor Harrison, who always seemed like a shallow journalist to her.  P.S.: Shouldn't spelling of scientist Zinsser be Zinsner?  Willa Cather   [Stout #1645]

To Virginia Cather [December 6?, 1926] , on W.S.C. letterhead ; UNL-Roscoe 

Can't decide what books to get for the twins, as she doesn't know what they have. Do they have Kipling's Jungle Books or Louisa May Alcott's novels? How about Little Lord Fauntleroy, Hans Brinker, Pilgrim's Progress, Black Beauty, Tom Sawyer? Please send a list of what they would like. Won't be able to buy them for this Christmas, but would like help for the future. Just received her pleasant letter. Is pleased not to be an embarrassment to her nieces. Hopes Virginia will write when she's read the first installment of Death Comes for the Archbishop. That is her real holiday gift for her family: the Archbishop can't be purchased; one needs a crafty aunt to invent him.   Willa Cather.