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Complete List of All Willa Cather International Seminars:

17th Virginia
Shenandoah University, Winchester
"Unsettling Cather: Differences and Dislocations"
June 17 to 21, 2019
16th Pennsylvania
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh
"Beyond Nebraska: Willa Cather's Pittsburgh"
June 11-17, 2017
15th Nebraska
Red Cloud and Lincoln, Nebraska
"Fragments of Desire: Cather and the Arts"
June 5-12, 2015
14th Arizona
Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona
"Willa Cather: Canyon, Rock, & Mesa Country"
June 16-22, 2013
13th Massachusetts
Smith College, Northampton
"Willa Cather and the Nineteenth Century"
June 20-25, 2011
12th Illinois
University Center, Chicago
"Cather, Chicago and Modernism"
June 25-28, 2009
11th France
Paris and Abbey St-Michel de Frigolet, Provence
"Willa Cather: A Writer's Worlds"
June 24-July 1, 2007
10th Nebraska
Red Cloud and University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus
"Violence, the Arts, and Cather"
June 18-25, 2005
9th Vermont
Bread Loaf campus of Middlebury College, Ripton, Vermont
"Cather as Cultural Icon"
May 28-June 2, 2003
8th Nebraska
Nebraska City, Lied Conference Center at Arbor Day Farm
"Willa Cather's Environmental Imagination"
June 17-24, 2000
7th Virginia
Shenendoah University, Winchester, Virginia
"Willa Cather's Southern Connections"
June 21-28, 1997
6th Canada
Laval University, Quebec City, Canada
"Cather's Canadian and Old World Connections"
June 24 - July 1, 1995
5th Nebraska
Hastings College, Hastings; Red Cloud
"'After the World Broke in Two': The Later Writings of Willa Cather"
June 19-26, 1993
4th New Mexico
College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico
"Multiple Traditions of American Culture"
June 16-23, 1990
3rd Nebraska
Hastings College, Hastings; Red Cloud
"Willa Cather: The World and the Parish"
June 14-20, 1987
2nd Nebraska
Hastings College, Hastings; Red Cloud
"Willa Cather Today"
June 19-25, 1983
1st Nebraska
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
"The Art of Willa Cather"
October 25-28, 1973