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photograph of Andrew Jewell

Andrew Jewell, Director of the Willa Cather Archive, is a Professor in the University Libraries, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Andy has published several essays on Willa Cather and other American writers, scholarly editing, and digital humanities. He is co-editor of the books The American Literature Scholar in the Digital Age (University of Michigan Press, 2011) and The Selected Letters of Willa Cather (Knopf, 2013), and is co-editor and project director of the digital, scholarly edition, The Complete Letters of Willa Cather. Since 2009, Andy has been a member of the Board of Governors of the Willa Cather Foundation. He is currently at work on a new biography of Willa Cather.

photograph of Emily J. Rau

Emily J. Rau, Managing Editor of the Willa Cather Archive, is a Fellow in the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities and a PhD candidate in the English Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her dissertation explores the spatial politics of the railroad in American literature, focusing on how it transformed conceptions of space, place, identity, and community. She is the Captain of the Graduate Fellows in the Center for Great Plains Studies and serves as an editorial assistant for Western American Literature. Her work on Cather has appeared in the Summer and Fall-Winter 2016 issues of the Willa Cather Newsletter & Review, as well as in the collection In the Country of Lost Borders: New Critical Essays on My Ántonia, in a co-authored chapter with Gabi Kirilloff. Rau has presented her work on Cather at multiple conferences, including the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, the Western Literature Association, the Willa Cather International Seminar, and Digital Humanities 2016.

photograph of Melissa Homestead

Melissa J. Homestead, Associate Editor of the Complete Letters of Willa Cather, is Professor of English and Program Faculty in Women's and Gender Studies at UNL and Director of the Cather Project in the Department of English. In her scholarship, she specializes in American women's authorship and publishing history from the Early Republic through the early twentieth century, and she teaches widely in American literature and women's writing. Her book The Only Wonderful Things: The Creative Partnership of Willa Cather and Edith Lewis is forthcoming from Oxford University Press. Essays from this project have appeared in Western American Literature, Willa Cather: A Writer's Worlds (Cather Studies 8), Willa Cather and the Nineteenth Century (Cather Studies 10), and Studies in the Novel. Additional essays on Cather have appeared in American Literary Realism and Studies in American Fiction. She is the Project Director of a digital edition of Every Week Magazine (1915-1918), of which Lewis was managing editor, and co-edited Cather Studies 9, Willa Cather and Modern Cultures. Her extracurricular passions are bicycling, cooking, basset hounds, and cats.

photograph of Kari Ronning

Kari Ronning, co-director of the Willa Cather Journalism project, joined the Willa Cather Scholarly Edition as assistant editor in 1990. Ronning also contributes to the Willa Cather Archive by writing annotations for the Complete Letters of Willa Cather. In addition to textual work, she was co-historical editor, with Susan J. Rosowski, of A Lost Lady, historical editor of Obscure Destinies, and co-editor of Cather's University Days. Ronning began work on Cather's journalism several years ago in the belief that more complete texts would enable us to learn more about what Cather was doing, thinking, and feeling in these formative years of her writing career.

photograph of Simone Droge

Simone Droge is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is majoring in English and History, and minoring in Women's & Gender Studies and Digital Humanities. She works at the UNL Writing Center as both a consultant and a Writing Fellow, and is currently on the English Student Advisory Board. Her academic interests include legal history, 20th century American history, and rhetoric of women writers. After she graduates, she hopes to attend law school.

photograph of Paul Grosskopf

Paul Grosskopf is an English PhD student at UNL. He graduated with a B.S. from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and an M.A. from Northern Illinois University. His research interests include rural women writers, modernity, and transnationalism in American literature of the long nineteenth century.

photograph of Hannah Kanninen

Hannah Kanninen is a second year M.A. student in the English department, focusing on literature with a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. She graduated with honors from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota with a B.A. in English Literature and minors in Classical Studies and German. Her academic interests include: sensory history, women's studies, and Shakespeare.

photograph of Gayle Rocz

Gayle Rocz is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and she is majoring in both English and Dance. She has contributed writing to UNL's student newspaper, the Daily Nebraskan, interned at Prairie Schooner, and is actively involved in choreographing and performing for UNL's Dance Program. Her academic interests include research in feminist pedagogy for dance and the emerging field of youth competitive dance in the United States.

photograph of Karin Dalziel

Karin Dalziel joined the staff in Center for Digital Research in the Humanities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln May of 2006 as a departmental assistant and moved into the Digital Resources Designer position in fall of 2008. In 2012, she became a Digital Resources Designer & Developer. Dalziel has several years of experience with design, web standards, encoding systems, and XSLT and works with team members to create attractive, accessible, and usable websites. She assists the Cather Archive in a wide range of technical and design issues.

Dalziel received her Bachelor's in Fine Art from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in May of 2006 and a Master's in Library Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2008. She lives in Lincoln, Nebraska.

photograph of Jessica Dussault

Jessica Dussault joined the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in October 2014 as a programmer and analyst. She previously worked on software and XML transactions at SEMCAT, an insurance software company. In 2012, she was the digital intern at the National Theatre Archives in London, UK. She assists the Cather Archive in a variety technical issues.

Jessica received a MSc in Digital Humanities from University College London and holds a BA in Music and History from the University of Nebraska. She is a cellist with Lincoln's Symphony Orchestra.

photograph of Greg Tunink

Greg Tunink joined the CDRH in December 2015. He previously did workstation management and support with Information Systems at University Housing as an undergrad and Linux full stack web development and server administration with a small business in Lincoln. He is a free/libre open source software and information security enthusiast. He assists the Cather Archive in a variety technical issues.

Greg received his Bachelor's in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in August of 2009 with minors in Mathematics and Business. He also began practicing Shotokan karate-do at UNL in 2007 and has helped teach since receiving his black belt in June of 2012.

photograph of Katherine Walter

Katherine Walter is chair of the Digital Initiatives & Special Collections (DISC) department in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries, and co-directs UNL's Center for Digital Research in the Humanities with Kenneth M. Price. She also co-directs The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition online edition, a joint project of the UNL Libraries and the University of Nebraska Press funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities Division of Public Programs. In addition, Walter served as co-principal investigator of the Virtual Archive of Walt Whitman's Manuscripts project funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services for the Walt Whitman Archive. She serves the Cather Archive broadly through her leadership of digital initiatives at UNL and as a consultant on the Willa Cather Journalism project.

Contributing Scholars

Mark Madigan is a contributing scholar for The Complete Letters of Willa Cather. He has also identified people and places in many photographs from Cather's 1902 trip to France. He has made identifications and significantly assisted with descriptions to the following images: 242, 243, 244, 245, 246, 250, 252, 253, 254, 255, 256, 386, 386.1, 388, 389, 448, 477, and 479. He has also contributed information for the Bibliography of Translations of Willa Cather's Work.
John J. Murphy has identified New Mexico churches appearing in Cather's photographs of the Southwest, including 2376 (with thanks to Marina Ochoa, Director of the Archdiocesan Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico) and 2377.
Brian Pytlik Zillig is Professor and Digital Initiatives Librarian at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His research is currently centered on textual analysis and visualization, and he is the creator of TokenX. Brian has developed a customized version of TokenX for the Cather Archive, allowing researchers to do sophisticated analysis of the entire corpus of Cather's fiction. Brian also advises and assists on many parts of the Cather Archive, particularly in the creation of XSLT stylesheets.
Janis P. Stout Co-Editor of Complete Letters of Willa Cather, is a Professor Emerita of Texas A&M University and Co-Editor of A Calendar of the Letters of Willa Cather: An Expanded, Electronic Edition. Her publications on Willa Cather include Willa Cather: The Writer and Her World (2000), A Calendar of the Letters of Willa Cather (edited; 2002), Willa Cather and Material Culture: Real-World Writing, Writing the Real World (edited; 2004), and Picturing a Different West: Vision, Illustration, and the Tradition of Cather and Austin (2007). She has also published on Katherine Anne Porter and on American and British poetry and the culture of the two world wars. She was co-editor, with Andrew Jewell, of The Selected Letters of Willa Cather (Knopf, 2013).

Over the years, several other people have contributed to the Cather Archive, and they are listed alphabetically below. Currently, only those who worked with the present editorial staff (since 2004) are consistently mentioned; one day, we hope all who ever contributed to the project will be listed here. Ekaterina Apostolova (HTML and XML encoding, proofreading) 2006-2007
Zach Bajaber (technical consultant, designer of Calendar of Letters functionality and interface, and part of the team designing the Geographic Chronology of Willa Cather's Life) 2005-2008
Brett Barney (digital projects editor) 2002-2003; (advisor) 2005-
Caterina Bernardini (editorial assistant on Complete Letters of Willa Cather) 2013-2017
Jason Bougger (server maintenance) 2007-
Perrin Carrell (article transcription) 2007-2007
Rachael Carter (XML encoding of the Scholarly Edition of Alexander's Bridge) 2009
Mary Ellen Ducey (preparation of images for digital presentation) 2000-2005
Paul Fajman (XML encoding, book photography, image processing) 2004-2005
Julian Fox (XML encoding, proofreading) 2013-2014
Hannah German (xml markup, creation of the Bibliography of Translations of Willa Cather's Work) 2008-2010
Samantha Greenfield (editorial assistant on Complete Letters of Willa Cather) 2014-2016
Erika Hamilton (XML encoding) 2002-2003
Lenora Hanson (scanning, development of citation guidelines) 2007
Rosanna Dell Henning (scanning, letter transcription) 2009-2010
Aaron Hillyer (XML encoding) 2004-2005
Emma Himes (research assistant) 2017-2018
Gabi Kirilloff (editorial assistant on Complete Letters of Willa Cather) 2013-2018
Anna Krause (editorial assistant) 2018
Amanda Kuhnel (Research Assistant for the Geographic Chronology) 2008-2009
Kourtney Leibman (xml markup) 2008
Lacey Lennard (editorial assistant on the Cather Journalism project) 2008-2009
Liz Lorang (electronic edition of S.S. McClure's My Autobiography) 2006
Vicki Martin (xml markup and scanning and the person largely responsible for preparing Cather's fiction and nonfiction periodical publications) 2005-2009
Lori Nevole (editorial assistant for Complete Letters of Willa Cather) 2016-2018
Karen Pietsch (image scanning, transcription, and XML encoding) 2007-2008
Ben Poehlman (image scanning and XML encoding) 2007
Stacy Rickel (database construction and management) 2007-2012
Linda Pawlenty (editorial assistant for The Complete Letters of Willa Cather) 2018-2019
Susan Rosowski (founder and editor who served until her death) 1997-2004
Sabrina Ehmke Sergeant (editorial assistant for A Calendar of the Letters of Willa Cather: An Expanded, Digital Edition) 2005-2007
Katie Sisneros (XML encoding of Cather Studies 7) 2009
Anastasia Smallcomb (XML encoding) 2004-2005
Jessica Tebo (editorial assistant for The Complete Letters of Willa Cather) 2016-2018.
Sarah Weinert (XML encoding, page scanning, and preparation of Guide to Citing the Willa Cather Archive) 2008
Jennifer Welsch (editorial assistant on the Cather Journalism project and electronic edition of S.S. McClure's My Autobiography) 2004-2006