Spring 2004

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Susan Rosowski Honored with University of Nebraska's Highest Award

by Michael Schueth, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Susan Rosowski, Adele Hall Distinguished Professor and University Professor, was awarded the Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award (ORCA) by the University of Nebraska. The prestigious award recognizes individual faculty members for outstanding research and creative activity of national or international signifi- gance.

In his nomination letter, UNL English professor Stephen Behrendt noted "that the landmark rise in interest in Cather dates from the 1980s, which is precisely the period during which Sue was beginning to make the most important and influential contributions to the field." Rosowski noted in her acceptance speech the vital role the University has played in the development of The Cather Project as well as those in the larger scholarly community with a special nod to her students.

Cather Colloquium members were on hand for the award ceremony, which also honored Dr. Alan Kamil with an ORCA award for his research on bird learning and memory.