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Bibliography: Unknown by Bourget, M. Paul

Bourget, M. Paul
Note Source
The Professor's House Book I, Chap. 15; Willa Cather Remembered 13
Note Relating to Cather

Subject of a dialogue in The Professor's House: "St. Peter chuckled. 'I'm afraid you exaggerate the circumference of my social circle, Louie. I haven't the pleasure of knowing Anatole France.' 'No matter; we can have M. Paul Bourget for Wednesday.'"

George Seibel says of his and Cather's translating French works: "We plunged into vats of color like Theophile Gautier's Une Nuit de Cleopatre, and scaled towers of alexandrines in Victor Hugo's Hernani." Verlaine and Baudelaire were among the poets we discovered, Bourget and Huysmans among the novelists."