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Bibliography: Unknown by Corelli, Marie

Corelli, Marie
Note Source
World and the Parish 1:353 Index 3/16/1901; Courier 8/10/1901; "The Hundred Worst Books and They That Wrote Them"; "The Hundred Worst Books and They That Wrote Them"
Note Relating to Cather

In World and the Parish, the following is written: "George Seibel remembered that at this time she [Cather] enjoyed 'despising Marie Corelli and Hall Craine.'"

In a 1901 Index article, Cather writes: "It is true that Miss Corelli has greater facility at her command, a larger variety of adjectives, the advantages of a better education and a more restraining environment, but her real literary idea is much the same as Emma Southworth's."

In a 1901 Courier article, Cather writes: "There is no reason why the common people of Chicago, the people who read Marie Corelli and go to see The Pride of Jennico, should know any more about pictures than the people of any other big city, but they do."

In "The Hundred Worst Books and They That Wrote Them," Cather writes: "Miss Corelli is rather more picturesque than our own Ella Wheeler Wilcox and Amelie Rives because, preposterous as that may seem, she takes herself even more seriously."

Of Corelli, Cather says "there is no second to this inspired and raving sibyl, who could have been fitly described and adjectived only by Ouida in her vanished prime."