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Bibliography: Unknown by Crane, Stephen

Crane, Stephen
Note Source
Not Under Forty 91; Library 6/23/1900; Courier 7/14/1900; rep. Prairie Schooner (Fall 1949) 231-236
Note Relating to Cather

In an essay on "Miss Jewett," Cather declares that "Stephen Crane [was] a young man of definite talent, brilliant and brittle,--dealing altogether with the surfaces of things, but in a manner all his own. He died young, but he had done something real."

Under the pseudonym "Henry Nicklemann," Cather wrote an essay "When I Knew Stephen Crane" published in Library. Three weeks later, Cather had her own name on the article in the Courier. At least parts of Cather's article are now considered to be fictionalized. (See Slote 771-2)