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Bibliography: Sapho by Daudet, Alphonse

Daudet, Alphonse
Note Source
Uncle Valentine and Other Stories 158; World and the Parish 1:24; Courier 1/22/1898
Note Relating to Cather

Eden Bower finds "books like 'Sapho' and 'Mademoiseele de Maupin,' secretly sold in paper covers throughout Illinois."

In a World and the Parish review, Cather's sympathetic portrayal of a prostitute in "At the Theatre" (Nebraska State Journal 12/14/1893) "may have owed something to Daudet's Sapho; Cather apparently read the book in 1891," according to a letter to Mariel Gere.

In an 1898 Courier article, Cather writes: "But once and only once did Daudet rise to the full measure of his power, only once did Tartarin become wholly serious and possessed of a great creative purpose, only once did Daudet entirely sacrifice the Provencal to the artist; that was when he wrote Sapho."