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Bibliography: Femmes d'Artistes by Daudet, Alphonse

Femmes d'Artistes
Daudet, Alphonse
Note Source
Willa Cather Remembered 12; Courier 1/22/1898
Note Relating to Cather

George Seibel reports that Femmes d'Artistes was the first book that he, his wife Helen, and Cather read together when they began to meet "once or twice a week to "'read French.'" Seibel recalled the stories as "bubbling with malicious delight in feminine foibles."

In a Courier article, Cather writes, "What a superb piece of irony that the man who wrote Les Femmes d'Artistes and so bitterly condemned marriage for artists, should have married the woman he loved and should have loved her through a lifetime."