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Bibliography: Robinson Crusoe by Defoe, Daniel

Robinson Crusoe
Defoe, Daniel
Note Source
One of Ours Book I, Chap. 16; My Antonia Book I, Chap. 14; Collected Short Fiction 1892-1912 412; O Pioneers! Part I, Chap. 1; The Professor's House Book II, Chap. 1, 6; The Old Beauty and Others 159; Willa Cather Remembered 102
Note Relating to Cather

In One of Ours, Bayliss found "arithmetic and geography more interesting than 'Robinson Crusoe.'"

In My Antonia, Jim Burden "got Robinson Crusoe and tried to read, but his life on the island seemed dull compared with ours" after Mr. Shimerda's suicide.

Nelson Mackenzie of "The Prodigies" says Robinson Crusoe is among his children's favorite books. In O Pioneers!, Carl Linstrum has pictures of Robinson Crusoe for his magic lantern. In The Professor's House, Tom Outland and Roddy Blake have a copy of Defoe's novel with them on Blue Mesa. After Tom comes back from Washington, Bill Hook refers to Roddy and Tom as playing Robinson Crusoe. In "Before Breakfast" Henry Grenfell refers to "his man Friday."

Fanny Butcher recalls that Cather told her "that The Archbishop, like Robinson Crusoe, was a kind of writing colored by a kind of country, like a folk song."