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Bibliography: Trilby by Du Maurier, George

Du Maurier, George
Note Source
Journal 12/23/1894; Journal 4/7/1895; Home Monthly 11/1896
Note Relating to Cather

In an 1894 Journal article, Cather writes: "It is certainly inconsistent that today, when Balzac and Tess of the d'Urbervilles is in all the public libraries, there should be objections to Trilby's appearance in Harper's Magazine. It is doubly inconsistent that people who can read unflinchingly Sarah Grand and Iota, with their cheap, vulgar, ignorant discussions of questions that should not be touched outside of a medical clinic, should shudder at the clean, dainty pages of Du Maurier's latest novel."

In an 1895 Journal article, Cather discusses Paul Potter's successful dramatization of Trilby.

In a Home Monthly piece on the death of George du Maurier, Cather discusses Trilby and mentions Peter Ibbetson.