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Bibliography: Rough Hewn by Fisher, Dorothy Canfield

Rough Hewn
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield
Note Source
Letter #0635; A Lost Lady Scholarly Edition, "Historical Essay" 207
Note Relating to Cather

In a letter, Cather critiques Rough Hewn, mostly favorably.

In an essay about A Lost Lady, the author writes: "She certainly read Dorothy Canfield Fisher's Rough Hewn and may have responded to its character Neale in revising the original name of her peephole character from Duncan to Niel. After reading Rough Hewn in October 1922, Cather wrote to Fisher that there might be too much about Neale in college, then continued as if describing her own problems with the character she had been calling Duncan: too much about a character blurs it. She may be hipped on withholding a character, but she believes that it is the most effective technique."