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Bibliography: Le Lys Rouge by France, Anatole

Le Lys Rouge
France, Anatole
Note Source
The Professor's House Scholarly Edition, "Historical Essay" 321; World and the Parish 1:340
Note Relating to Cather

In a review of The Professor's House in "Historical Essay," the author writes: "In her journalistic days she had highly recommended to her readers [Anatole] France's The Crime of Sylvester Bonnard and lauded his election to the French Academy. She also had praised his novel Thais, and her Pittsburgh friend George Seibel remembered that they had read together France's Le Lys rouge (The Red Lily)."

In World and the Parish, the author writes: "She went once or twice a week to read French at the home of her friends, the Seibels, and George Seibel recalled that during these orgies of reading they indulged 'in devil's food cake like Anatole France's Le Lys Rouge.'"