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Bibliography: Memories of a Hostess by Howe, M.A. DeWolfe, ed.

Memories of a Hostess
Howe, M.A. DeWolfe, ed.
Note Source
A Lost Lady Scholarly Edition, "Historical Essay" 208; Letter #0643; Letter #1657; Not Under Forty
Note Relating to Cather
"On 17 November 1922 Cather mentioned in a letter to Ferris Greenslet that a few weeks earlier she had written an article on Mrs. Annie Fields, the wife of the Boston publisher James T. Fields. Reading Memories of a Hostess ... from the Diaries of Mrs. James T. Fields, edited by M.A. DeWolfe Howe, had led Cather to recall her own memories of Mrs. Fields." Later, in a 1944 letter to Mrs. George Whicher, Cather writes that she "will paste their Christmas card with picture of Beacon Street into Annie Fields's Memories of a Hostess. Also, in the essay "148 Charles Street" Cather mentions that she "wrote for The Literary Review an appreciation of it, very sketchy, but done with genuine enthusiasm, which I here incorporate without quotation marks."