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Bibliography: Histoire de France by Michelet, J. Jules

Histoire de France
Michelet, J. Jules
Note Source
One of Ours Book I, Chap. 11; Letter #0219; Letter #0241; Letter #1463; Obscure Destinies 131; Not Under Forty 99
Note Relating to Cather

In One of Ours, when Claude Wheeler leaves his thesis for the Professor and acknowledges that he had acquitted Jeanne d'Arc, his Professor suggests that Claude read what Michelet had to say about her.

In a letter, Cather reports that she has completed the third volume of Michelet.

In another letter, Cather was reading volume nine of Michelet with Isabelle.

In a letter, Cather reports that she is reading Michelet's history of France.

According to Not Under Forty and Obscure Destinies, one of Cather's favorite lines is "The end is nothing; the road is all." She uses the quotation in an interview with Flora Merrill for the Lincoln State Journal in 1925. In "Old Mrs. Harris," David Rosen quotes the line to comfort Vickie Templeton who is distressed because she wants to go to college so much but does not know why. Cather attributes the line to Michelet in the essay "Joseph and His Brothers" published in Not Under Forty. The exact line in Michelet has not been identified.