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Bibliography: Pascarel: Only a Story by Ouida (Marie Louise de la Ramee)

Pascarel: Only a Story
Ouida (Marie Louise de la Ramee)
Note Source
Courier 11/23/1895
Note Relating to Cather
"Sometimes I wonder why God ever trusts talent in the hands of women, they usually make such an infernal mess of it. I think He must do it as a sort of ghastly joke. Really, it would be hard to find a better plot than is in that same Under Two Flags, and the book contains the rudiments of a great style, and it also contains some of the most driveling nonsense and mawkish sentimentality and contemptible feminine weakness to be found anywhere." Also mentioned: A Village Commune, Pascarel, Ariadne, Wanda, and Friendship; each has merits, but "I hate to read them."