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Bibliography: The Second Mrs. Tanqueray by Pinero, Arthur Wing

The Second Mrs. Tanqueray
Pinero, Arthur Wing
Note Source
Journal 2/7/1894; Courier 7/22/1899; Courier 12/23/1899
Note Relating to Cather

In an 1894 Journal article Cather writes: "Of course the modern play must begin with marriage. The Second Mrs. Tanqueray, with which Mr. and Mrs. Kendal have been astonishing and shocking the east, begins with marriage and ends with misery."

In an 1899 Courier article Cather writes: "In the first place, it [The Second Mrs. Tanqueray] is a great play, the greatest play written in the English tongue for many a long day."

In an 1899 Courier article Cather calls The Second Mrs. Tanqueray an "intense and commanding piece of work."