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Bibliography: Lives by Plutarch (Mestrius Plutarchus)

Plutarch (Mestrius Plutarchus)
75 CE
Note Source
Shadows on the Rock Book I, Chap. 2; Book III, Chap. 3; The Professor's House Book I, Chap. 5
Note Relating to Cather

In Shadows on the Rock, Euclide Auclaire enjoys reading Plutarch on long winter evenings; in Book III, Cecile and her father "were reading Plutarch this winter, and tonight they were in the middle of the life of Alexander the Great."

In The Professor's House, Scott McGregor's "disappointed vanity ate away at his vitals like the Spartan boy's wolf," an allusion to the story of Lycurgus ("The Education of Boys and Men," section 18) (March 587).