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Bibliography: Enthralled by Saltus, Edgar

Saltus, Edgar
Note Source
Journal 7/14/1895
Note Relating to Cather
"Mr. Edgar Saltus has written a new novel entitled When Dreams Come True. It is rather better than Mr. Saltus' recent work. Certainly it is better than Enthralled [1894], or Madame Sapphira [1895]. It is more pleasant than the police fiction of the former and its aim is a more manly one than getting even with his divorced wife to which he devoted the latter. It is a quiet sort of book without any thrilling episodes, but it has in it the old vigor of style and vivid, unusual use of words which characterized Mr. Saltus in the earlier days when he wrote [The Truth About] Tristem Varick [1888]. It is full of phrases that seem to melt in your mouth as you utter them. Indeed, as usual, one feels much nearer to Mr. Saltus' phrases than his people, and his words seem more alive than his women...."