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Bibliography: Mary Stuart by Schiller, Friedrich

Mary Stuart
Schiller, Friedrich
Note Source
Leader 11/15/1898; My Mortal Enemy Book I, Chap. 5
Note Relating to Cather

Reviewed Helena Modjeska in Mary Stuart: "About the real Mary Stuart the world will always differ; she will remain one of the disputed personages of history. But upon Schiller's marvelous characterization of her the critics of all literatures have but one opinion: that it is the embodiment of the mediaeval ideal of queenliness. It is the creation of a poet rather than a playwright, molded in the ampler proportions of classic art, and yet burning with that intensity which characterized the Romantic movement in German drama."

In My Mortal Enemy, Nellie Birdseye recalls that Henena Modjeska played the lead in Maria Stuart.